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Economy Hajj PLUS

3 Weeks: August 17/18 - September 7, 2017

Airfare from New York (JFK) To Al Madinah Munawarrah (MED) Round trip Included
Option to fly from SFO, LAX, DFW and Other cities available with add-on charges.


1. Madinah Munawwarah Stay: August 19 - August 22

- 03 Nights In Zam Zam Pullman Hotel (5 Star)-Across from Haram.
- Sightseeing in Madinah Munawwarah: Masjid Quba, Masjid al-Qiblatain, Mount Uhud, etc.

2. Makkah Mukarramah Grand Drnef Hotel (4 Star): August 22 - August 30

- 08 Nights accommodation In Apartment Building. (Makkah , Azizia District)
- Location: In Kudai on Ajyad Street (1.3 Miles from Haram, Free Shuttle from the Hotel)
- Full access to your room during and after the Manasik

3. HAJJ MANASIK:August 30 - September 3

- Accommodation in private air conditioned North American tents.
- Transportation between Mina - Arafat - Muzdalifah, and back to Mina will be by buses.

4. Makkah Mukarramah Grand Drnef Hotel (4 Star): September 3 - September 6

- After Hajj (12 Dhul Hijjah / September 3) return to Grand Drnef Hotel (4 Star) and stay until the day of your departure.


Madinah Munawwarah Hotel:

- Breakfast and dinner buffet

Makkah Mukarramah Grand Drnef Hotel (4 Star):

- Breakfast and dinner buffet

Mina & Arafat:

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soft drinks throughout the day.

Cost (including flight from JFK per person)

- $6,500 Based On Quad Occupancy

The package price does not include (please add to package price):

HAJJ FEES ($300.00)
Return documents mailing charges ($50 or up).

Hajj Visa Requirements


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