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  • Accomodations in Makkah at Shesha close to Mena Camp, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. The stay is Aug 16 - Aug 26. All rooms are quad occupancy.
  • Accomodations in Mena close to the Jamarat in private VIP air-conditioned tents with mattresses including three meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner).
  • Accomodations in Arafat in private VIP air-conditioned tents with 2 meals and cold drinks.
  • Transportation provided in private VIP deluxe air-conditioned buses.
  • Visits to the historical sites in Medina.


Welcome to Ababeel Travels!

Welcome to Ababeel Travels! You have reached the right place for all your Hajj and Umrah needs.We are not new in this business. We have provided dependable and great quality service to people performing UMRAH or HAJJ. We strive hard to make sure you have a safe and a pleasant trip to the holy land.

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Ababeel Travels hajj groups are guided by knowledgeable scholars and travel experts to help you overcome this challenging journey of your life. Ababeel offers a variety of different hajj packages to meet your personal needs. You can view our hajj packages and choose the program that you find best for your schedule and budget...